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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The good things!

I'm sure your are you doing with working out and eating healthy? Well...not as well as I would like.  There's no need to lie! Instead of complaining, making excuses and wallowing in pity, I am going to share some of the things I have accomplished the last couple of weeks. =)

Accomplishment #1- Pre-Pre School with Eli
Those of you who know me well, know that I love to teach.  (not necessarily the way I do on a daily basis with the BT kids)  I love seeing kids' faces light up when they finally understand something, and I LOVE the excitement little ones have when it comes to learning.  Although I love being home with my kids and am content with where God has placed Tyler and I, I miss teaching in a classroom and in church.

I decided many months ago to try helping Eli become a smart little booger by trying Pre-Pre School. I struggled for the longest to do it consistently, plus Eli didn't always cooperate!  The last 3 weeks or so, we have gotten into a good rhythm again of learning basic skills: letters, numbers, shapes, cutting, writing, coloring, etc.  We also have a bible lesson for the week along with a scripture verse.  Eli was promoted to a new Sunday school class a few weeks ago.  He absolutely loves his class, and the teachers send home a little flyer with the lesson for the next week. This is what we have been using for the last couple of weeks to make up our Bible lessons.  It has been wonderful!!

Here are some pictures of our classroom! (a corner of Eli's room!)

Eli and I have a lot of fun doing pre-school, and I hope to continue it at least for another year.  I hope to transition to using a curriculum created by one of my dearest friends after Eli turns 3. (Check this wonderful curriculum out.  She has a 3 year old curriculum and is in the process of creating/using a 4 year old curriculum. Scroll to the bottom to see it all! )  I am undecided about if we will send Eli to pre-school next school year, or if I will continue on my own. I desire to do it on my own, but am trying to weigh the pros and cons and decide if I can do it having an almost 2 year old wandering around and wanting a 3rd laying around!!

Accomplishment #2- Not going nuts now that Tyler's classes are back in session!
As many of you know, Tyler is going back to school to get the pre-requisites needed to apply for pharmacy school. This has him being in class 4 days a week.  This means I spend the majority of my mornings/early afternoons alone with our kids.  When he is home, it seems like we have appointments, meetings and other work stuff to do.  I struggled a bit last semester with not feeling overwhelmed and with using my hours wisely. I feel like I am doing much better and enjoying my time with Eli and Isaac much more.  

Accomplishment #3- Enjoying when we are together as a family
Sometimes it is hard as a family teacher to enjoy the time we do have as a family.  I have been trying much harder to cherish each moment we have together, even if it is when we are busy teaching away to Boys Town kids.
                                                Daddy and Eli in the web at the zoo
                                                              Cheering as a family--ROLL TIDE!
                                     Eli and Isaac cheering for Alabama.  This is the best picture we could get!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


It's been 6 months since joining the blogging world and I'm only on post number two!! oops! 

The purpose of this second attempt at blogging is really for some ACCOUNTABILITY. The definition of accountability is: the quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions

I need people (you) to help me stay focused and committed to the things I know are important.  I often have a hard time being honest and transparent with others about what is going on, unless they ask specific questions. I give you permission to be upfront and ask me the tough questions.

In this busy life I live, I often put others needs above my own. This has lead me to not spend enough time on my own physical, spiritual and mental needs.  By no means am I falling apart =), but as all woman know, if we can't take care of ourselves, then it will get harder to take care of others. Using this blog is my attempt to jump start taking care of myself the way I know I need to.

Goal #1 Announced at later date

 Goal #2 Healthy Living/Get back to pre-pregnancy weight! 
Inspired by a wonderful friend, I am ready to get back to the weight I was before getting pregnant with Isaac.  I was within 4 pounds of this within five months of Isaac being born, but summer brought too many cookies, too much ice cream and unhealthy vacation eating.  Unfortunately, now I am more like 8 pounds away and the tone of my body is quite different. 

I am motivated to once again eat healthy and exercise consistently.  I am trying to be realistic about what I can expect for results, since I am not in a place to workout in the same way I was before Isaac. Before Isaac I was in the best shape of my life.  I LOVE Crossfit and miss it dearly, but know that it is not a possibility to join CFO during this season of my life.  I know I cannot get back to lifting the loads I was doing before, but I know I can do similar workouts and get similar results. 

Goal for the week: (Hold me accountable!)
-Workout 5 out of 7 days
-Eat healthy (This is a very unspecific goal!  Everyone has their idea on what healthy eating looks like.  I know what healthy choices are and what works for my body.  I guess I will try to cut back on carbs, eat good protein and healthy fats, and most importantly cut back on the sweets!)

I look forward to you walking through this journey with me. Stay tuned for Goal #1 to be revealed!

Thought you might need a good laugh!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today is the day I will FINALLY start blogging and share bits and pieces of my wonderful yet crazy life with those of you who are interested.  This has been a goal of mine for some time, but life with 2 children and 8 teenage boys seems to not give me many free moments. 

You may be wondering why start a blog right now? Many people write blogs to keep people updated on what has been going on, and I am no different. I know that mine and Tyler's families would love to know more of what is going on and see more pictures of our kids. Another goal for this blog is that it can bring me some accountability in the things I endeavor to do.  My thought is that although no one may be sitting next to me asking how things are going, there may be people out there who are following my endeavors cheering me on.  I also hope that blogging can help me process through some thoughts that I otherwise wouldn't spend time going through. 

Here is a mini list of things you can look forward to reading about in the future. (God willing I find time to do them and write about them!)
1. My FAMILY--Pictures and stories about my growing weeds and my wonderful hubby!
2. My journey at GETTING IN SHAPE again without joining Crossfit and attempting to implement the eating habits developed during the Nutrition Challenge.
3. My attempt at doing PRE-PRESCHOOL with Eli